I completely redid my thesis after a talk with Sophia. We pitched our idea to Ms. Dewberry and began an outline of what our work will contain. We also began our presentation PowerPoint for next time.

Presentation prep

I have made a list/outline of the things Iwant to say during my presentation. I have yet to write a script but after sorting throught the material and facts that Iwant to use, it is going to be much easier. I have also selected some visuals to use on my PowerPoint.

Feb 6-8, 2018

I continued to read Outcomes and Physician Specialty, doing some side research as well. I read an article on The Upshot discussing the problems in the US healthcare system. It discusses our shortcomings, including underuse of “mid-level practitioners” (e.g. physician assstants, nurse practitioners, etc) and the inefficient distribution of physicians.

College Break

I took a break from thesis these past two days. I researched a couple of scholarships and started filling out the forms. I found one from communities foundation and ford driving dreams.

Researching Questions

I went back over the notes and questions I had compiled over the past two research articles. I learned about case controlled studies and quasi studies. I also started to sort out quotes I would like to use for the research paper.

Outcomes and Physician Specialty

I began reading the article Outcomes and Physician Specialty. 
It discusses a study done in a large HMO setting, the Kaiser Permanente in North California. Specialists and general practitioners are compared side by side.

Reading research papers

Continued reading second research paper, “is general practice effective?”