Sophia and I discussed ideas for our housekeeping topic. I verified my recipes from the heart association. We also began our research paper.


I began to compile all the recommended testing/ routine checkups for adults. Pap smears, prostate checks, physical exams, mammograms, colon cancer screenings, and dentist appointment information was gathered. I began to write my story for the healthcare section.


I typed up my completed stories. I also began to write up the taxes story, or at least brainstormed. I also compiled the recipes for the book.

Drafting of stories

I started drafting our first two stories. The first regarded washing and the second regarded mailing letters. I also started to look up recipes for the next story.


I was absent last class period but this class I practiced various styles of art. Sophia and I settled on a certain style but we need to adapt to that style to make the illustrations homogenous. With more practice, we should be able to accomplish this.


I completely redid my thesis after a talk with Sophia. We pitched our idea to Ms. Dewberry and began an outline of what our work will contain. We also began our presentation PowerPoint for next time.

Presentation prep

I have made a list/outline of the things Iwant to say during my presentation. I have yet to write a script but after sorting throught the material and facts that Iwant to use, it is going to be much easier. I have also selected some visuals to use on my PowerPoint.